Welcome to Alces Flight Manage!

This service has been developed to help access and manage a Flight High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster.

What is Alces Flight Manage?

The Alces Flight Manage service provides easy access to your Flight HPC clusters and assistance with managing them.

Launch a Flight HPC cluster

Simply use Alces Flight Launch to launch a preconfigured HPC cluster. Once you are notified that your HPC cluster is active follow the provided link to gain access to your cluster and assistance with managing it.

Access your HPC cluster

With Alces Flight Manage you can learn more about your cluster with Flight Compute tutorials; gain access using the in-browser terminal; or obtain the cluster's SSH and VPN access details.

Manage your HPC cluster

Alces Flight Manage will assist you in managing your long-running HPC clusters. You can manage your cluster's compute queues to ensure maximum efficiency at the lowest cost.

Getting more information.

Want to spend some time reading up on Alces Flight Compute prior to starting your evaluation?

We have a documentation site dedicated to the cause as well as a Community Support Portal available for you to join in and read through.

Enjoy your flight!